Exotic Animals, in Texas?

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According to a recent study conducted by many different animal rights’ organizations, Texas is home to more endangered and exotic wildlife than anywhere else on Earth. These aren’t wild native animals that we’re referring to here – Texas has some of the loosest regulations and laws regarding possession and possession of endangered and exotic animals. This has resulted in a booming economy in the trade of exotic creatures amongst private individuals. There’s much controversy surrounding this subject, with heated debate among the various sides. Less controversial are the numerous ranches, zoos, and research institutions that provide a home to exotic animals acquired from other institutions, and refuge to animals who were obtained from irresponsible owners, or given up in exasperation at the price of maintaining such unique animals.

There are about thirty species represented, such as kangaroos, sloths, and an assortment of monkeys. A few of the animals they house are endangered species, like the Nubian Ibex, many lemur species, and a very strange creature called a binturong.

Texas Disposal Systems possesses an animal ranch called the Exotic Game Ranch. Here, over 2,000 people from 100 species live, which represent six of the seven continents. Some of them are especially exotic creatures that could only be observed in a couple of areas around the world: Barbary Sheep, Black Rhino, Fossa, Grevey Zebra, and all types of antelope. The TDS Exotic Game Ranch hosts many community design events, leading back to the community considerably annually.

The Exotic Resort Zoo near Johnson City, Texas, is situated on 137 acres of land and is exceptional as it’s a combination zoo, safari land, and hotel. Visitors can stay in cottages overlooking various animal enclosures, which makes for an especially romantic experience. Zoo tours and safaris run each day of the week, and extend close-up encounters with friendly and curious Buffalo, Camel, Giraffe, Zebra, and much more. A petting zoo lets adults and children of all ages to touch friendly kangaroos, llamas, and deer species. The zoo has over 500 people from around 80 unique species, showing a broad assortment of diversity that always awes visitors.

Texas is a big state with plenty of property, and therefore there are lots of places to visit and socialize with odd wild animals. The afore-mentioned are terrific places to visit for a beginning, and with a little internet searching of your own, you’re sure to discover even more exotic creature ranches to go to in Texas!

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